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Smalti, the word conjures up the jealously guarded secrets of Murano where the recipes were protected by a death threat. The master glassmaker would pay the ultimate price if he divulged the formulae of the coveted Murano Smalti. Times have changed but still the feuds and jealousies of the 3 major smalti manufacturers continue. Today two may still be found behind the high bricked walls of Murano but one has migrated to the tranquil northern Italian town of Spilimbergo, a branch of the Dona family where father, son and daughter continue the traditional skills of their forefathers. This small intimate foundry supplies us with over 100 colours of smalti of exceptional quality and brilliance of cut. The best known manufacturer is undoubtedly Orsoni and it is to them we must turn for their famous Gold and Veneziano smalti. To hold smalti in your hand is to step into the marvelous and intriguing ancient world of mosaic and experience the beauty that this product delivers to both amateurs and experienced mosaic artists.

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