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Lijm, Voeg en Pigment

Over the years we have tried a lot of glues and other products and can make recommendations with some authority.

1) Large scale projects, indoor and outdoor on both flat, curved and angled surfaces for tesserae between 2-20cm use: Parabond. An industrial gel type glue this product is a no sticks everything to everything. Use the transparent version to let the light shine through. Choose Parabond 600 when white is called for or for floor mosaics that need a rigid, tough glue to hold them together, it can also add strength to weak surfaces.

2) Cementitious bases (floors, walls, swimming pools): Adisilex P10 combined with Isolastic

3) Small scale projects both indoors and outdoors on a variety of substrates both angled and flat: Silicon, 3D Silicon (drawbacks: sour small not water soluble) or Olba glue 

4) Small scale projects both indoors and outdoors on a variety of substrates flat only: Universal Glue (drawbacks: stringiness and toxic fumes) 

5) Small scale projects indoor only: PVA glue (drawback: slow drying time)

6) Glass on Glass work: For the best finish and durability we recommend Mac glue (drawback: price) second best is Olba glue ( drawback: may yellow with prolonged exposure to the UVA)

There is only one all purpose grout for mosaic as far as we are concerned and that is Ultracolor Plus by Mapei. To use it is to love it. Specially formulated with extra fine sand to prevent scratching of delicate finishes, this grout is malleable, flexible, quick drying and hard as nails. No efflorescence, staining or mold allowed. Inside, outside, wet, dry it is good everywhere.

To personalise your grout we recommend using a dry mineral powder that delivers colour in concentrated form. This must be used sparingly (5% or less of dry weight) in order not to compromise the strength of the grout as this may lead to cracking and crumbling.

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