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Moonbeams: Single Colours

This collections features lots of color and a splash of shimmer making these moonbeams a great addition to many projects where subtlety is key. For best effect combine 2 closely related tones to create a sense of richness and depth. The colours are vivid and stand up well in sunlight but we are not sure how much fading will occur in direct, prolonged exposure so use with caution in outdoor art. These tesserae are not meant to be cut as the mirror backing may be damaged by the nipper blade. 100g contains approximately 40 pieces and covers an area of 11x11cm. 1000g contains approximately 420 pieces and covers an area of 34x34cm. Each piece is between 1.2-3cm and they are 3.5mm thick combining well with stained glass and vitreous tile as well as ceramic wall tile.

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