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A selection of the best tools on the international market today for hobby and professional mosaic artists.

Leponitt nippers are the market leader and we know why...versatile, easy to use and tough as old boots!

If you love stained glass you will love the Silberschnitt glass cutting system for strips, squares and circles.

The best little tilecutter on the planet? Our very own Mini tilecutter for the tabletop, always within reach!

If you love your eyes then please wear safety glasses while cutting. Ours can even be worn over reading glasses and are clear top, bottom and sides as well as the lenses to let the light in.

Pixel mosaic anyone? We offer tile grids is 10, 12, 15, 20 and 25 mm with standard 2mm grout spacing.

If you do not want to block your pipes try our flexible rubber grout cup. Mix it up, use what you need, leave the remainder to dry and simply squeeze the cup to eject the remains safely into your garbage.

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