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15mm (3/5 inch)

At Quadra we have a small collection of Sicis style glass mosaic that delivers the look of Sicis for a reduced cost. Sicis is world renowned as THE Art Glass Factory for Mosaic. Based in Ravenna Sicis produces some of the world's most breathtaking mosaic for installation and of course a superb line of specially created glass to make it with.

Our lookalike collection is based on Sicis special 15x15mm format that is slightly concave on both sides for reduced wastage, better adhesion and greatly increased ease of use. Another benefit of this style of glass is in pools and ponds, due to its flat surface there is no camphered or bevelled edge to work loose during expansion and contraction due to changes in temperature.

The formulae for this glass is calculated to maximise brilliance, vivacity and an improved cristalline structure that lends itself to precise and crumb free cutting. The 'poured' surfaces increase the refraction of light so that the mosaic is 'alive' to changes in the direction and intensity of light or the angle of the viewer.

Our in house collection is delivered on a larger sheet therefore you need 20% fewer sheets than Sicis to cover the same area.

Opaline is equivalent to Sicis Iridium

Element is equivalent to Sicis Murano Smalto

Shimmer is equivalent to Sicis Glimmer

Lucid is equivalent to Sicis Waterglass

Cosmic and Starlight are most similar to Sicis Colibri.


*We wrap and package orders carefully to avoid damage and breakage but due to the nature of glass, ceramic and porcelain damage may occur in shipping. All tiles and accessories are shipped at your own risk.


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