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10mm (3/8 inch)

Using ready made mini mosaic significantly reduces the amount of time and skill needed to create intricate or realistic mosaic designs. Most of these products are paper mounted meaning that they are easy to soak loose in large quantities making them ideal for schools and institutions.

Mini Classic is a comprehension selection of colours at affordable prices. These can be combined with the Quadra 20mm Classic Collection to add detail and interest easily.

Mini Goldlink are tiny delicious jewels of tiles with the same beautiful adventurine marbling as theiir 20mm sisters.

Mini Nebula is just what we want for subtle highlights and light catching colour.

Transparent Minis are flat on both sides and are easy to cut. Excellent for glass on glass work...

Murrini are a crowd favourite as they shiny and bright and easy to clean. Do not use outside as they will fade over time.

Mini says it glitter tiles for that well loved bling!

Mini Glazed Ceramic is a traditional Japanese molded ceramic tile. with a slight mound in the center to add texture. These are slightly thicker than our glass tiles.

Natual Stone Minis come in 2 formats:

1) 10x10x7mm the standard size for Roman style mosaics, these cannot be cut except with a hammer and hardie.

2) 10x10x4mm they look like the traditional Roman tesserae but can be cut with a wheeled nipper...

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